Who’s P.O.E.M.(Prepared.Oracle.To.Elevate.Mics.)?

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Born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, NY. P.O.E.M. has been intriguing in his own right to many indie musical artists, poets and intellectuals alike. P.O.E.M. is the youngest of eight siblings and raised by parents from North Carolina and Trinidad & Tobago.  Intelligent, humble and talented; P.O.E.M. was bound to be different and set apart from his peers. Hip-Hop entered his life later than most in which he more closely related to the classical, calypso and reggae music his father played and Rhythm and Blues music of Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson and Lionel Richie played by his mother. P.O.EM. would later incorporate this mixture of sounds into his own music and use his own personal experiences to create songs. Music has become his diary in which every track somehow relates to his own experiences, both the bitter and the sweet instances in his life, quoting “This is my niche, my vice, my get high” also “They say my music is too personal/’cause when you press play it’s like you’re listening to my journal”  – Live the Life. P.O.E.M. has set out to heighten awareness, change minds, heal, and make people laugh, dance and dare to dream. Working on his fourth album titled In The Moment, P.O.E.M. has challenged himself to break away from his norm and experiment no matter the ridicule or criticism he will face. Within this blog you will become intimate with P.O.E.M.’s lifestyle which is more seasoned with likes of rebels, intellectuals, motorcycles, travel and tattoos rather than what you perceive as your mainstream Hip-Hop artist who may be more interested in luxurious life and fame. Within this blog/site you will also be able to contribute, participate, observe and become enlightened by the available content. Enjoy the humor, travel and sense of individualism. It’s more than music… it’s a nu day!

  1. Eric R. Mann says:

    Good afternoon,

    The site looks great, and I enjoyed the music. Keep up the good work!

    Best regards,
    Eric R. Mann

    • poemdreamz says:

      Thanks for showing me the ropes!

      • Timothy Nadolny says:

        Awesome! I like you new songs man. Live the Life and It’s Cold are great. Cant wait to hear the whole album. 🙂

    • izz says:

      ay cuz, im that random nigga that u passed the cd to. realtalk this cd is on point, i heard the first 8 tracks, im def feeling this cd, btw i noticed u rep my hometown ny, im from the bx, shitss tuff, i would get u around in terms of playing ur shit, but im deploying tuesday, but its def in my ipod

      • poemdreamz says:

        Thanks for the love homie! If anybody else you meet would like a copy just tell them to get at me. Yeah NY is in the veins and I’m sure it’s in yours as well. Stayed tuned and have a safe trip out there. I’m only a email away so stay in touch. One…

  2. poemdreamz says:

    Almost there bro….almost

  3. Theodore McLendon says:

    Man i worked right next to you all this time and i didn’t know you could flow! Track 7 off the books is my fav track by far but the whole CD is hot! Keep doin yo thang mang!
    Im def a fan!

  4. conrad says:


    Check song 3… I’m ready for the game.. pretty similar to yours.!!

  5. Ron B says:

    Dawg we go back! Way back and will be honest with you. Solid album and I am one that isn’t impressed by beats but by lyrics. You dig! You have renewed my faith in Hip Hop real talk money. Solid production and the beats are solid too. But the rhymes man…the rhymes and knowing the man behind the message makes this very special. Thank you for blessing me with some solid Hip Hop. Having lost my father last year I know your pain and understand the struggle to carry on. Thank you for the message!

    • poemdreamz says:

      Bags, good looking out man. I am humbled by your words and this is what encourages me to keep pushing and giving. It’s an outlet and like my journal so I definitely appreciate you taking the time out to listen and even relate. Stay in touch

  6. Masao says:

    Hello! I’m listening to your new album and enjoying it. I live downstairs under the room you used to stay. I couldn’t say good-bye when you left. I hope you have a good trip to your new place. See you someday!

  7. Pamela says:

    Hanif, Best of Luck to you and your family, I really enjoyed working with you. Peace and Love!

    • poemdreamz says:

      Thanks a million Pamela and really wish I could work with you again on my next project. Your work alone really inspired me to do more. You’re the best and coolest/dopest photographer out there and I wish you and your family the best as well.

  8. KRH says:

    This is great stuff… Beautiful & inspiring, Smooth… Love it.

  9. Cal Williams says:

    Nice sound man! I like!

  10. Five peace says:

    What up man? Sounds good dude!

  11. Landon V says:

    1. GOSPEL – Solid track; lyrics are on point and the beat has that def. preach vibe; like how your airing out how you see and feel about things

    2. KEEP ON PUSHING – has a dipset sort of vibe; like how you explain regardless of shit in ur way you keep moving forward

    3. IM READY – probably my 2nd favorite track on the album; really wish you would have done this as a solo track because your verse is AWESOME and flow is sick, the 2nd guy doesnt really match you in his song meaning and the japanese guy is cool and different but he could have been a remix verse

    4. TRUE COLORS – my FAVORITE track because of the meaning with 3 different points of view…SIIICKKKK!!!

    5. GROWN UPS – like how u talk about how ur girl means to you and how you see her

    6. THE WOODS – chorus is real nice! I like the outlook of get me out the hood and take me to someplace like the woods because my dreams will take me there

    7. OFF THE BOOKS – street track with nice jigga sample

    8. ITS COLD – love the hook and beat; talking bout streets being not so bright…nice

    9. ATONEMENT – japanese type beat; nice smooth track with nice chorus; like how u talk about making amends for wrong doings and such

    10. MY LIES – semi-rockish beat; not really feeling this beat but the story is perfect; speaking real truth on the track and can respect to the fullest

    11. MEANING – that bump in the whip, ridin in south beach, chillin style of beat with ur girl

    12. LETHAL POISON – beat is cool; sample is slightly annoying but a solid track when you just dropped verbal game on everyone

    13. LIVE THE LIFE – very commercial style track; solid chorus and good track about just living life to the fullest

    14. OH MAMA – great dedication track and has great true life stories in it and I love this heart felt style from you

    15. RIDE WITH YOU – chorus is awesome; kinda goes along with the track MEANING

    16. THOSE WHO ARE DEAD – i think this talks about the different person you might have been at stages in your life and your remembering what it was like when they were prevelant and now dead

    17. WHEN YOU COME HOME – soldier style track about coming home from a far travel / unwanted trip

    ALL IN ALL – Solid album with a few standouts but solid lyrical content and great story telling.

    • poemdreamz says:

      Thanks for the run down big Homie! You hit most of the points and if it’s going to be anyone; it’s you that will feel where I’m coming from. I think this one has put me back in the mind frame of keep pushing and next I’m looking forward to doing a world-wide collab and after a follow up solo album to this one. So get ready so you can make sure your blessings are on the track as well.

  12. Tom Laws says:

    Yo Hanif this is Tom Laws back from Keesler! Yo hit me up on Facebook! Ive been trying to catch up with you bro! Talk bout the tats we got down in Biloxi, MS

  13. What up man your album is the shit and see you have the talent to elevate to the next level. Keep doin what u doin. Dont lose sight of the goal.

  14. Berkan Sahin says:

    Im from germany and i really like your music 🙂

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